Our advent days were full of Lego countdowns and cookie baking and activities like homemade marshmallows and letters to Santa and making gifts for each other and visiting friends and having friends over and man, what a great Christmas season we had in 2014.

We kicked off the New Year with an east coast countdown at 9pm local so we could usher the kids off to bed and have a really laid back, really chill New Year’s Eve. It was so nice!

This year has some really exciting things in store for us. I haven’t made a big deal about it on Facebook or Intsagram yet because we don’t start our second semester until the 12th, but our daughters have been fast tracking through their current grade levels and just finished testing out of their grades before Christmas break. Our 9 year old is about to start 5th grade and our almost 6 year old is starting 1st grade! I have fallen in love with their new curriculum as I unpacked it into their bookcases and I can hardly wait to start! Our son likes the program he is using for 9th grade, though it took a little getting used to and he’s now working on a pacing guide to finish classes in 9 weeks instead of 6 months. I’m cautiously optimistic about the second half of the school year.

I have been choosing a theme for my baking for the past few years, least year was cakes. This year my friend Kathryn came up with a really fun idea – The Year of Chocolate! Not being limited to pies or cakes or cookies specifically opens up a whole lotta fun. So far, I have made two chocolate treats. The first was Sandra Dee’s Chocolate Russian and this afternoon I made some really fun chocolate cookies. I will post both this week coming!

Every year I make a ton of resolutions. A ton. In fairly typical New Years resolution fashion, many of them die off around March and I’m totally ok with that. 😛 Others though, others generally last into the summer months and a few even end up sticking and becoming a thing! I think they at least motivate me to remember what I set out to do in January. I also try to go over the resolutions that didn’t stick to see if there is an easier way to accomplish my goal or if I should just pass on it. Many of my goals are about the same, with a couple of new additions.

Every year I resolve to send a little note tucked in a birthday card to everyone. Like, everyone. All my husband’s cousins, my girlfriends back in Canada, my wonderful new friends here, my sister and of course our parents. The issue has been that postage from the US to Canada is ridiculous and most of the time it costs more to send a gift than the gift itself. That, coupled with how busy our lives have become and making my way to the post office became a pipe dream. Then just this past Christmas I realized that I can not only use my Amazon Prime membership to send little tokens of my love to friends here stateside, but I can shop online at our favorite Canadian stores and use Amazon’s Canadian store to send little gift to everyone. It’s kinda sad that my local friends get baked treats and homemade fun things from me and my oldest friends get something wrapped by a stranger, but at least they know I am thinking of them and love them so much – from here. I’m really happy I figured that out because I didn’t want to give up on that one.

Personal Goals:
1. stay ahead (or at the very least on time) with our homeschooling schedule.
2. celebrate everyone’s birthday with a little something
3. get and then keep our family photo site updated (I am so bad at keeping this up to date)
4. work through Good Reads list in no particular order

Professional Goals:
6. blog daily (this is the hardest because there never seems to be enough hours in the day to blog about all we do around here)
7. make a lightbox, buy some tiles to make cute background and improve my food photography

Fun Stuff:
8. a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015 (inspired by Miss James – I failed miserably at this last year, but let’s try it again, shaaaaaall we?)
9. make something chocolaty every weekend
10. finally finish my knitted beekeeper quilt, I started it in late 2011 it is pretty pathetic that I haven’t finished it yet

I think 10 is a good number and I’m touching a little bit of everything. Wish me luck!

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