Felt Pouch Advent Countdown

I’ve mentioned my kids are crazy for advent countdowns before, this is still very true. Some are activities, some are treats or tiny gifts – you could do a combination of the three or choose one. I went with tiny gifts on this one. My two younger girls have become obsessed with Calico Critters, they are painfully adorable tiny toys with 10,000 tiny little accessories. They recently got small dollhouses for them and they are so detailed, it’s crazy cute. Each pouch has a little Calico Critter baby or a handful of accessories, Dec 6th and 12th have Santa and Mrs Claus.

Felt Pouch Advent Countdown

48 pieces of 3″ x 3″ squares of felt
felt for numbers
little jewels
colorful sequins
hot glue


Making the pouches themselves is really very simple, first cut out all the numbers you need and applique them to 24 pieces of 3″ x 3″ felt. Originally, I was planning to sew these on my machine inside out and have perfect edges. But when I saw how cute and wonky the hand cut numbers looked, I wanted them to look homemade and wobbly too so I just stitched them together along the outside edge.

I attached their yarn handles with a dab of hot glue just inside each pouch, then I attacked them with sequins and gems with more tiny dabs of hot glue.


I filled them with cute little accessories for the girls’ collection. These will be strung up on Nov 30 juuuust out of reach, thankfully the kids are into it and don’t spoil the fun by peaking, they are all excited with anticipation and it’s so fun to really draw it out all month long. On the 3rd, they get a teeny tiny bunny sandwich maker (that opens and closes) and two super cute bunny sandwiches (!!), on the 21st they get 4 plates of food, some biscuits and utensils. Adorable!

I am really excited to string these up and start opening them! The kids have seen me making them and our littlest picked all her favorite gems to be included. We can fill them with their different obsessions every year!

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