Autumn Felt Wreath

Originally, I called this my Halloweeny Wreath, but changing the ribbon from skulls to bright orange makes it last longer. 😉

When I tried to work on it a little at a time, this project was taking forever. Once I decided to just give it a weekend and attack it, I got it finished in two days.

Felt Wreath

wreath form
orange yarn
orange felt
1 1/2″ circle guide
sewing needle
silk flower (or other large embellishment)
hot glue
long ribbon

It’s really pretty simple, just time consuming.

First, wrap your wreath form in yarn. Try not to leave any bits showing so it gives a solid orange background. If you prefer, you can use wide orange ribbon instead.

Now you need to cut out approximately 10,000 felt circles. You’ll need 5 circles for each felt flower and I lost count of how many flowers I made. I can tell you that I used 25 pieces of felt measuring 9″ x 12″.


When you are sewing the circles together to make the flowers, take 5 at a time and fold them in half, then poke the needle through all 5 (so you have 10 layers of felt you’re poking through) and pull it tight. Go through all 10 layers once more and tie off the thread in the middle, then fan out the felt circles so they make a flower. Voila! Now do this over and over while watching all the Harry Potter movies. Once all your flowers are made, it’s time to hot glue them to your yarn (or fabric) covered wreath form. Just glue on your flower, or whatever large embellishment you went with and all that’s left is your ribbon.

I prefer to have my hook on the back of the door, loop the ribbon onto it and then hang the wreath over the door. I like it this way because when I don’t have a wreath on my door, I don’t love having a hook there, and even when there is a wreath hanging on it, I don’t like the way that it looks. So I use an extra long ribbon so it is secured inside the door, but hangs outside.

Happy last few days of autumn! We are putting up our tree on Tuesday because that it my husband’s birthday and marks exactly a month to Christmas. We have done that since before we had kids, it’s such a fun tradition. There are so many fun Christmasy things I want to post but I will hold off until after Thanksgiving and in the meantime, try to stay on track.

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