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We are big on advent countdowns around here. Like, really big on them. I’m considering posting the daily ‘adventing’ that goes on around here in December because it really is pretty ridic, and we love it. The kids especially love the act of counting down and getting little surprises or doing little activities. My favorite countdown is the knitted mitten countdown I made last year. Last year I printed the daily activities onto plain printer paper, rolled them up scroll-style and tied them with curling ribbon. They were adorable and we had a great time. It shouldn’t be surprising though, that I love the idea of keeping the daily activities prompts and using them year after year. So this year, we tweaked the activities so they were the best of the best that we would all enjoy over the years and I made cute cards and laminated them! I am including the PDFs for them at the end of the post if you’d like to use them or tweak them a little for yourself.


You will need 24 little containers of some kind to store these cards in, like my mittens, or you can just leave them in a stack and take one from the top every day.

Here are the activities we picked:
Dec 1 – write letters to Santa
Dec 2 – make paper snowflakes
Dec 3 – make paper chains
Dec 4 – bake bread
Dec 5 – bake cinnamon ornaments
Dec 6 – Christmas movie marathon
Dec 7 – make homemade marshmallows
Dec 8 – paint Christmas pictures
Dec 9 – make hot chocolate balls
Dec 10 – make Borax snowflakes
Dec 11 – decorate a gingerbread house
Dec 12 – make salt dough ornaments
Dec 13 – make snow globes
Dec 14 – make window clings
Dec 15 – make a gingerbread star garland
Dec 16 – make bottlecap snowmen
Dec 17 – make gifts for each other
Dec 18 – roast marshmallows
Dec 19 – play minute to win it games
Dec 20 – bake and bring treats to neighbors
Dec 21 – try a new recipe
Dec 22 – watch The Polar Express and drink hot chocolate
Dec 23 – play reindeer games
Dec 24 – read The Night Before Christmas

These activities require a little prep work, mostly just make sure you have what you need on hand to do the activity so no one is disappointed. 🙂

Dec 1 – Dec 8 advent cards
Dec 9 – Dec 16 advent cards
Dec 18 – Dec 24 advent cards

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