Apple Oreos

Not apple flavor Oreos, let’s just get that out of the way. Oreos decorated like apples, because fall. This is our third fall in California and I’m getting used to the lack of seasons, or I guess now that I have been here this long I can feel the ‘cold’ they talk about down here. Now, the temperature I consider cold enough to wear a hoodie in is the same temperature I used to beg my mother to let me wear skirts with no stockings in. Anyhoo, in Canada fall = apples, and since Thanksgiving there is in October, there’s no reason not to make apple pies all November long.

This is another recipe that isn’t really a recipe, but it’s super cute and is fun for little treats for neighbors on Thanksgiving or friends of your littles.

Apple Oreos

All you need for this is….
red candy melts
pretzel sticks
green liquorice


You’ll have to break the pretzel sticks down to ‘apple stem size’, and use kitchen scissors to snip the liquorice into little leaves before you actually dunk your Oreos. Some people prefer to melt their candy melts in the microwave and I salute those brave souls, but I float a bowl over a simmering pan of water because I am terrified of burning it.

However you choose to melt the candy melts, dunk your Oreos on the bowl and flip them around until they are completely coated and then poke in your pretzel stem and liquorice leaf. Once they dry, you can either lay them out for little hands or package them as thank you’s (or whatever), we did a little of each.

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